Fabric Enhancement

Consumer added benefits from chemical application to fabrics is not a new concept, however, Texchem have taken these concepts, adapted and modified them to their full potential thereby attaining market-leading finshes.

Moisture management: Texsoft HSK 


A durable silicone softener emulsion which imparts an excellent handle whilst giving technical performance benefits.  Class-leading moisture transport on sports apparel such as T-Shirts, shorts, socks, gloves, hats and baselayers.   Rapid absorption and wicking enables the mositure to be transported easily to outer layers so it can be dissipated into the surrounding environment, thereby improving the users comfort in elevated conditions.

Texsoft HSK is also an excellent preliminary softener for items such as towels to provide an exceptionally soft, comfortable handle while also providing excellent drying capabilities.



Pure Softness: Texsoft SAT


An outstanding softener in its field of use, the recently developed Texsoft SAT is asserting itself in the marketplace.  It's base properties arise from the manufacture of specifically modified aminofunctional silicone.  Typical areas of use include general apparel, bed sheets and other soft furnishings / home textiles.



Process stability: Texsoft PFS


Texsoft PFS has been designed with the processing plant in mind; it comprises of a unique silicone micro-emuslion softener to give the required super-soft handle on the end product while also being very robust during it's application.  Texchem know that some processing environments have less than favourable conditions and require a softener that can withstand such a climate.

An all-round softener, Texsoft PFS will provide a great, durable handle to a wide variety of fabric types.



Texsoft ESM: Soft and Springy


An elastomeric silicone emulsion to provide unique benefits to a wide variety of fabric types.  A super-soft handle that confers excellent drape and can also improve crease & wrinkle recovery performance.




Texsoft PB-H & Texsoft PB-S: Natural Softness


Texsoft PB-H and Texsoft PB-S are both excellent softeners / conditioning agents derived from plant-based sources.  Texsoft PB-H gives priority to moisture management and is ideal for items such as towels and active wear.

Texsoft PB-S gives priority to the bulk & rich softness that can be achieved.  Both are applicable by pad or exhaust methods to benefit from exceptional results.  These two products are not your standard conditioning agents, they exceed in all areas and benefit from natural credentials that appeal to the environmentally aware consumer.

Texsoft SS Conc New: Soft & Durable


Withstanding the test of time, Texsoft SS Conc New is still an exceptional softener within the textile world.  Excellent bulk and smoothness that gives a durable finish to a variety of substrates, it is one of the best all-round products for an great finish.



Personalised Solutions


At Texchem we understand our customers desire for the right product, that's why we are always happy to provide tailored solutions that reflect a variety of performance criteria:

Simply contact us now to discuss your personal requirements!

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