Wet Processing Products: Preparation


Desizing / Scouring / Bleaching / Stabilisation / Sequestration 





Texzyme 320 Conc.

A highly concentrated alpha amylase solution for either tailored formuations or low use rates in-situ.  

Provides excellent de-sizing of polysaccharides at all tempertures & times so ideal for any de-size method currently utilised.  


Texzyme 320

Standard concentration product, diluted to a specific working level, stabilised and preserved for excellent shelf life.  

Gives better dosing rate control.  Highly efficient and cost-effective.

Scouring & Bleaching Surfactants



Scourtex OFW

A highly concentrated, non-ionic wetting / emulsifying & scouring product that has been designed specifically

for removing oily / waxy & fatty contaminants.  Can be used for Cellulosic or synthetic cleansing.


Scourtex FDL

Non-ionic scouring agent designed for use where foam control is an issue.  Scourtex FDL is inherently low foaming,

highly concetrated and produces outstaning results across a variety of processing platforms.


Scourtex HCS

Anionic, wetting, scouring & dispersing agent that is stable in high caustic soda scouring conditions.  

Very high detergency and sequestering properties.


Texassist CDN

Non-ionic rapid wetting agent with a high cloud point for hot scouring.  Very high oil & fat removal capabilities.  

Suitable for all scouring processes. 


Texassist CJS450

Super-concentrated mixture of anionic and non-ionic surfactants, low foam and high detergency.

Provides emulsification, dispersion, wetting and sequestration properties.


Texassist JP New

Multi-functional: A unique combination of stabilisation properties, wetting & scouring as well as powerful

sequestraiton to provide and all-in-one solution for easy dosing adn control over the bleaching process.  

Excellent whiteness values can easily be achieved - Texassist JP New has been specifically designed for use in

Jigs although it can be employed in other bleaching systems.


Scourtex P-Scour

Detergency, emulsification & dispersion to specificaly target the contaminants found within Polyester fabrics.  

Unique detergents and surfactants give way to fantastic prepartion of polyester fabrics so that they can be

dyed / finished with confidence.




Peroxide Stabilisers



Controller GG New

A long-standing, proven track record product to produce the right balance of stabilisation and sequestration.

End results provide the perfectly desired whiteness.


Controller SI

Powerful sequestration is key in this product to protect against fibre damage arising from larger than average

heavy metal content. Once the contaminants are under control, the stabilsiation performance will be at its optimum.

Sequestration / Water Treatment

Texassist HDS New

A very powerful sequestrant deisgned to be utilsed in either the desizing stages or scouring stages to help remove

metal contaminants - using this in the pre-bleach stage(s) effectively enable a higher degree of fabric whitness.  

Can also be used at other points of processing where metal contamination is an issue.


Texassist ISN

A versatile, economic sequestrant to combat basic metal contamination such as Iron and copper.  

For use in any wet processing stage where required.


Texassist S700

A very powerful, concentrated sequestrant to combat the major metal contaminants as well as being very good

for calcium binding too.  Mainly for use in preparation stages but also suitable for all kinds of water treatment stages.  

Strongly anionic.


Texassist A30

Concentrated, pH neutral polyacrylate deisgned to sequester metal ions such as calcium while also providing very

high dispersion properties.  Particualrly suited to dyeing processes for multifunctional perfomance and protection.



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