Other specialist finishing products and auxiliaries

Texassist APY



Anti Phenolic Yellowing

A unique specialist finish to protect Nylon and its blends from potential

yellowing due to BHT containing packaging.  Can be applied by pad or exhaust.  Anionic.



Texsoft SPE



Stitch lubricant

A high solids,  low-density polyethylene emulsion to provide protection

to fabric as a stitch lubricant.  It has been optimised so that it negative effects on

the processing or final finish of the garments occurs.  Texsoft SPE is non-ionc so can be incorporated into various finishing baths.  

A cationic alternative is also available upon request : Texsoft CPE 22.


Texassist CAS New




Cationic finishing compound to provide various effects.  Predominantly used for

prevention of seam slippage as well as giving excellent anti-pilling effects to various fabrics.


Resin PLF



Easy-care finishing

Anti-Crease and Anti-Wrinkle finsihing for apparel / furnishings.  A very well established,

functional product for cellulosics and its blends.  Very low formaldehyde content.



Resin FF



Zero formaldehyde finishing

Easy care resin finishing with confidence in having a formaldehyde free finish.  

Especially suitable for meeting strict criteria such as Oeko-tex standards.



Texfin UVA-CN 



UV Light protection

High-End, highly durable UV protetion to Cellulosic and Nylon fabrics & their blends.

Can be exhausted or applied with certain print processes.  No harsh handle. Low dose rate.


Texfin UVA-P



UV protection

Similar to Texfin UVA-CN, but applicable to Polyester based fabrics.



Texfin VHS



Fabric stiffener

A non-ionic water-borne emulsion to provide bonding and stiffening effects on

various substrates. Examples of use are for curtain blinds and protective coverings

where water-repellent additives can also be combined into the matrix.  

Very versatile across a wide range of industries.



Texfin SVA



Colour bonding

A very versatile, soft-handle Acrylic resin polymer for use across a wide

variety of platforms.  It's main use is as a binding system for colours or inks in printing.



Texfin TA



Foaming additive

Versatile, amphoteric foaming agent for various finishing applications -

compatible with a large variety of finishing products.  Exceptional stability with fluorocarbons for foam finishing.


Texfin HEC



Rheology modification

Rheology modifying agent based on Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose.  Can be used in a variety of applications from basic thickening requirements to foam stabilisation use.



Texsoft ZZR



Tissue softener

Specialist water-borne lotion for application to tissue / toilet roll fabrics to provide

a super smooth & soft, comfortable finish.  Can be enriched with various addiives to

give consumer added benefits.



Texassist BD




Non-ionic, silicone based antifoam emulsion.  

For use in all stages of wet processing where foam control can be an issue.  

Very cost effective.



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