Wet Processing: Dyeing & After-treatment

Dyeing Auxiliaries:

Levelling / Dispersing / Anti-creasing / Fixing & Protection



Texdye PDW



Texdye PDW is a multifunctional auxiliary for assisting in the dyeing of 100% polyester, polyester blends, wool,

polyamide, acetate and acrylic.  It is stable in acidic, alkaline and high electrolyte conditions which make it particularly

suitable for the single bath dyeing of polyester / cellulose blends. The product has excellent wetting, dispersing and l

evelling properties together with strong sequestering action against heavy metal ions.  Typical dose level = 1 - 2 g/L



Texdye NWL



A universally applicable dispersing and levelling agent for all types of dyes on wool and nylon. The product displays an

affinity for the fibre and therefore exhibits excellent uniform coverage of nylon with consistent reproducibility.

Texdye NWL has a balanced retarding action which prevents exhaustion proceeding too rapidly, this allows for

excellent bath exhaustion and shade build-up.  Typical dose level = 0.5 - 2 g/L


Texdye DBL Conc



100% active. A multipurpose polymeric lubricant which reduces fabric abrasion and helps prevent creasing,

rope and running marks during wet processing.  Particularly suitable for the dyeing of all types of fabric and garments. 

The product is a very high molecular weight polymer which provides maximum lubricity in textile processing reducing

metal-textile and textile-textile friction. It is non-foaming and therefore suitable for use in jet-dyeing machines.



Texdye HPF Conc



A highly cost effective formaldehyde free fixing agent for reactive dyed cellulosic fabrics.  It improves wet fastness

properties whilst having negligible effect on light fastness.  It can also be used to improve fastness on direct

dyed shades too.

Wash-fastness together with acid and alkaline perspiration fastness, can in some instances be improved by

as much as 2 -3 points.



Texassist ES-AS



Texassist ES-AS is uniquely developed product specifically designed to optimise the washing-off stages of reactive

dyed fabrics and reactive dyed print processes.  It is designed to assist in the removal of dye hydrolysate and reduce

the number of rinsing steps.  By minimising the number of steps required during the wash off procedure, time,

water consumption, heating costs and waste can be dramatically reduced while maintaining a high level of colour fastness.



Texassist DAC 150



Texassist DAC 150 is a concentrated solvent free surfactant and sequestering agent blend with very high dispersing,

cleaning, and afterclearing properties. The benefits of the product are very diverse and this leads to a very wide range

of application areas in dyeing, scour/dyeing and afterclearing processes.



Texassist MAC



Specifically formulated for high-temperature dyeing machines such as jets and package machines and also gives

excellent cleaning results in atmospheric dyeing machines at the boil.

Benefits include: Improved cleaning efficiency of caustic and hydrosulphite mixtures / Regular Use can reduce or

completely eliminate the use of sodium hydrosulphite / Very high dispersing, emulsifying, sequestering and

soil suspension properties / High foam development ensures efficient cleaning of all areas of the equipment.



We have a large range of alternative chemical auxiliaries for the textile industry and beyond, if you can't find what you are looking for, feel free to drop us an email to discuss your requirements.



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