Fluorine Free Water Repellents

Chemical manufacturers worldwide are constantly facing questions over environmental concerns and issues relating to health and safety on a daily basis. Recent trends in modern textile finishing have shown that for some markets, there is a high appeal and potential for providing products with better environmental qualities. Here at Texchem, we have always endeavoured to deliver such alternative solutions where possible.


Texchem have established new developments in order to meet the requirements of those companies wishing to have high performance water repellency without relying upon fluorinated polymer alternatives.



Texfin DWR-X New


Key Performance Areas:

ISO / AATCC Spray Rating standards




Water-borne dispersion of a durable repellent to give outstanding performance across all fibre types.  Pad application, can be dried only but curing will provide maximum durablity.


Typical application levels: 


Cellulosics  30 - 80g/L

Polyester / Cotton Blends  30 - 60g/L

Nylon and Polyester 30 - 50g/L





Texfin HTF

Key Performance Areas:

ISO / AATCC Spray Rating standards




Texfin HTF is suitable for application to all the major fibre groups and is particularly suitable for synthetics to impart a durable hydrophobic barrier with outstanding results. 


Typical application levels:


Cellulosics  75 - 150g/L

Polyester / Cotton Blends  75 - 150g/L

Nylon and Polyester 50 - 100g/L

Texfin DWR-Z

Key Performance Areas:

ISO / AATCC Spray Rating Standards

Texfin DWR-Z is a durable water repellent that provides an exceptional level of durabilty.  Can be used on all major substrates, particualrly suitable for Nylon & Nylon/Elastane blends where durability is required.


Typical applicaiton levels:


Cellulosics 60 - 120g/L

Polyester / Cotton Blends 40 - 100g/L

Nylon and Polyester 30 - 80 g/L


Texfin S-DWR

Key Performance Areas:

ISO / AATCC Spray Rating standards

Texfin S-DWR is a newly developed pure silicone based water repellent.  It can be applied to all the major fibre types to impart a durable hydrophobic finish.  As well as excellent water repellency, fabrics treated with Texfin S-DWR are inherently softer than other non-silicone based water repellents.  


Typical application levels:


Cellulosics 50 - 150g/L

Polyester / Cotton Blends 50 - 150g/L

Nylon and Polyester 30 - 120g/L


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